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In February 3, 2018, the Tibet Autonomous Region Department of science and technology leading line to visit our company, our Deputy General Manager Zhu Zong, Jiang led the enthusiastic reception of the guests from afar, and introduced the basic situation of our products and function to them, the visiting leaders have very strong interest and put forward his ideas, suggestions and we share.

Accompanied by our leaders, the Tibet Autonomous Region Department of science and technology led a staff member to visit the office hall of our department and the first floor of the laboratory. Finally, a conference was held in the company's conference room. Zhu introduced the overall framework of the company, and Jiang general was responsible for introducing the company's main products and future development directions.

At the meeting, the leadership of Tibet science and technology department gave high praise and attention to our strong R & D team, good office environment and humanistic environment, and expressed good wishes for the future development of our company.



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