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On February 1, 2018 at 8:30 in the morning, "on the recognition of the 2017 annual Zhuzhou innovation and entrepreneurship competition winning project briefing conference held in Tiantai villa, to attend the meeting of the leadership of any Zhaohui mayor, Zhuzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau deputy director, party secretary Chen Daxiong, Yang Jie, etc..

The conference site was first introduced by the deputy director of the science and Technology Bureau, Yang Jie, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the competition. Then, the winning unit was announced. Finally, all the awarding units were commended by all the leaders. Congratulations were given to the Organizing Committee of the award-winning unit.

Finally, do a summary about the meeting where the mayor, said the competition has always been to "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as the guiding ideology, to "scientific and technological innovation, great achievement" theme, adhere to the project as the starting point, and further implement the reform plan of science and technology, to make a comprehensive platform competition into science and technology projects investment and financing, industry selection project, and stimulate the national innovation enthusiasm, leading the formation of innovative entrepreneurial culture, create a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. We hope that all enterprises will continue to make persistent efforts and create a good result.

It is understood that the innovation and entrepreneurship competition is the largest in Zhuzhou ever since. The number of entries has been up to 300, not only a large number, but also a wide range of industries, covering machinery processing, agriculture, chemical industry, culture, Internet and other industries, with relatively high technology content.

Wang Xun won the Yian innovation contest award is certainly again, further to our company, and encourage us to continue in next year's contest of innovation and entrepreneurship glory!



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